We’ve been absent from our “Sunday Spotlights” the past few weeks because of holidays and family vacations, but we are back at it tonight with a spotlight on some of our favorite tips for taking the stress out of using the public library as a resource. 

Take advantage of the hold system: At any given time we have at least 10 holds waiting for us at the library. This makes it easy for us to take the kiddos – let them explore and pick out random books they will love – then grab the must haves on the way out. Instead of spending time searching for specific books among the rows and rows they are always finding new and exciting books. We leave the hard work of shelf searching for specific titles to the librarians.

If your library has an app….use it!: Without our library app I’m sure that we would owe hundreds of dollars in fines! It helps you keep track of what books you have checked out, when they are due, and allows you to renew them all from the comfort of your home. It saves me so much stress knowing that I can just check the app and renew my books if I’m unable to get to the library on time.

Come up with a system that works for you: We are almost always juggling about 50 different pieces of library materials in this house, from books, to musical CD’s and books on CD. An organizational system for all of these materials has been crucial in taking the stress out of the juggling act. We have one big bag full of the materials we have yet to read, and two smaller bags to place books in when they are ready to go back. Whatever your system is – do what works for you and your kiddos.

Going to the library and being in charge of keeping the materials safe and organized can be a daunting task – but it is a task worth the challenge. To provide our children with new reading materials weekly really helps them engage in reading at home and keeps them excited about reading. I also always have something new for them to read or listen to on those days when I just can’t keep them entertained! It’s a win:win.


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