Let the Tears Flow

Today…I just had to take a moment…

With the week it has been…

  • Family emergency
  • Personal struggles
  • Failure to live up to expectations
  • Failure to be there for those who need me most
  • Work stress
  • Being called out
  • Being overwhelmed

With all of this…I had to take a moment and let the tears flow. Now perhaps you’re asking why I’m sharing this or why it’s worthy of a blog post…

Well you see…letting the tears flow has not been something natural or easy for me since childhood. The years of putting on the tough persona, or sucking it up, or “not letting them see you cry” has made it so that crying felt impossible. Stuffing and stifling emotions became the reality, the norm…the “necessity”.

But today it felt good to let the tears flow…and while I wouldn’t choose to have this week again…while I wouldn’t choose to feel the pain that caused those tears…I was proud of myself for actually being able to let the tears flow…because guys…specifically guys right now…I know some of you know how tough it is to actually let go and let them flow.

But today I did…today I grew…today I allowed myself to feel…and it helped. And it was probably one of the more “manly” things I’ve done. It was probably one of the most healing and healthy things I could do.

So men I encourage you and implore you…don’t let it be bottled up…don’t let it be stifled or pushed down…

Let it flow…and let your healing begin

This is real…

This is fatherhood…

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