18836800_10211726000119424_5277389591891513629_oThis space is about being a Dad and my journey through fatherhood with my amazing wife, son and daughter. My wife and I started dating Senior Year of High School in 2004 and got married in 2008 in the middle of our city’s biggest snowstorm. Our firstborn, an amazing little boy, joined us in 2013 and my strong, beautiful daughter was born in 2016. Even though I knew I always loved being around and with kids, you never know what being a Dad truly means until you are one. I love being a Dad and spending as much time as I can chasing, wrestling, reading and playing with my kids. I have developed a passion not only for being a Dad, but also talking with and helping others through Dadhood. I started a fathers’ group through my church in 2015 and began my blog in 2016.  I am now a trained parenting education facilitator for Boot Camp for New Dads, Mind in the Making, The Incredible Years, and READY! for Kindergarten. I am also a Blogger for the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub.  In 2017 I formed This is Fatherhood LLC as a consulting enterprise providing parenting education to the community.


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