Sunday Spotlight: Family

As this year comes to a close, I can without hesitation say that I am ready for and looking forward to a new year. During some really difficult and trying times the people below have been incredible and have inspired me to keep pushing, keep fighting and keep loving. I wish you all a happy New Year and pray that you feel love as strong and unwavering as these people give me every day. Continue reading


Second Child

I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite a while.  It’s been on my mind, but I just never quite found the inspiration or time to sit down and write it.  It has also been a very difficult time in my life internally lately.  My brain has also been in an awful place, which at some point I plan to share and hope that my story can be a comfort to others.  But for today, I really wanted to focus on this thought that has been with me for a quite a while.  I wanted to share with you my thoughts on how life has changed since the arrival of child #2. Continue reading

Sunday Spotlight: Slowing Down For the Holidays

December can often feel like a time of chaos and pressure, there are so many things to be done, bought, and made that it can be easy to feel overwhelmed even with the beautiful things. While all the celebrations that December holds are wonderful, fun, and meaningful – there is just no way to do it all. I want to give you the grace today to know that you – fellow parent – you do not have to do it all. Continue reading

The Heart Grows Fonder

This may seem silly to those who have to travel often or long distances for work, but I thought I would share it anyway since you’re reading this because I assume you’re at least somewhat interested in my thoughts right? 😉

I haven’t spent many nights away from my wife and kids in our time together. Perhaps a couple nights a year at most. But with family in from out of town to celebrate a late Christmas and a large snow storm (by pacific northwest standards) in our area – that is where we found ourselves…apart for the night.

I didn’t think much of it as it was somewhat planned since we knew the storm was coming and I was actually looking forward to some quiet alone time. However, as the snow piled up and the prospect of maybe not seeing my family for a couple of days became possible, my thoughts changed. Don’t get me wrong, it was very nice to relax and chill and do what I wanted for a night without bedtime struggles and sleep schedules, and sleeping in was fantastic (sorry babe!), but I found myself really just wanting to be with my kids, sitting with my wife and enjoying my family.

I know, I know it was only one night but I’ve come to really enjoy these people of mine and don’t feel quite the same without them. I miss the laughter and constant chatter of my toddler and the sweet smiles and coos of my baby girl. I miss my wife’s smile and presence.

There may be times when peace and quiet and no responsibilities or charges sounds amazing, but I know where my heart is and what I’d really rather be doing. I love my family and can’t imagine doing this life thing without them 🙂

This is fatherhood…