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Welcome to the This is Fatherhood On-Demand Video Store. Here you can find some amazing parenting resources from This is Fatherhood at a great price. Check out the trailer for each video and then click the purchase button to receive a link to the video(s) that you want to watch. (Please let us know if a YouTube Link will not work for you to view your purchased video by emailing

Raising Kids who love reading

Have you worried about your child’s progress in reading?  Have you worried about their enthusiasm and enjoyment for reading and books?  This class from Michael with This is Fatherhood and Baby Sparks offers practical and fun tips that you can incorporate to help you drive your child’s interest and love for reading.  Children who enjoy reading more and get excited about books are much more likely to read frequently and develop their literacy skills sooner.  Join us for this session to help your child discover their passion for books.

Raising Kids Who Love Reading Video

On-Demand Video – 27 minutes


Raising Kids Who Love Reading – Trailer

Pro Tips for New Dads

Congratulations!  You just found out you’re going to be a Dad!  This is going to be a fun and amazing ride…but if you’re being honest…you’re just a little bit nervous and wishing there was someone or a group of people you could rely on and ask some tough questions.  Well you’re in luck!  Michael from This is Fatherhood is here to share with you some of the essential “pro tips” and wisdom he has gleaned from his own experience with his own kids as well as more than 5 years of working with and supporting new and expecting dads.

Pro Tips for New Dads Video

On-Demand Video – 32 minutes


Pro Tips for New Dads – Trailer

Navigating Big Feelings With Our Kids

This 3-part video series focuses on the difficulties we face when children are experiencing big emotions. Video 1 introduces and describes what happens and how we feel when things are overwhelming. Video 2 then encourages us to focus on ourselves and calming and understanding our own emotional response to these experiences so that in we can then, in Video 3, help our children manage and handle their emotions more effectively.

Navigating Big Feelings With Our Kids Video

On-Demand Video – 3 parts – 37 minutes


Navigating Big Feelings With Our Kids – Trailer

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