Parenting Educator Recognition

Late in the fall I had the privilege of reading this in an email:

  • Hello Michael,

  • Thank you for submitting an application to the OPEC Recognition System! We are pleased to announce that you have successfully achieved the requirements of education, training, and professional experience to receive recognition as a Parenting Educator 1 in the OPEC Recognition System.

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Sending Them Off to School

This was originally posted by the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub here.

Do you want to know something that has made me a little anxious lately?  We are talking about school options for my firstborn…for next year!  It seems crazy that we’re already at that point with my son.  He’s no longer a toddler, let alone a baby…he’s a full-fledged little boy!   Continue reading

Parenting Education

I think that when parents see the words “parenting class” or “parenting education” they think “Oh, somebody got in trouble” or “Oh great, another person trying to tell me how I should raise my kid”.  With this post, I’m hoping to dispel that notion and encourage every parent to explore the parenting education opportunities in their community.   Continue reading