Here’s some more thoughts that I’ve come up with so far on my journey.

-This is one where I have a stronger opinion and feel more comfortable sharing it…and I have Daddy Doin’ Work to thank for help influencing this opinion: you can’t babysit your own kids.  This seems to be more of a dad thing, but seriously…you can’t babysit your own kids, you raise them.  If someone feels more like a babysitter than a parent, I question how involved they are in their kids’ lives.

-I’m seriously surprised and impressed how many resources, groups, and support is out there for fathers nowadays.  When I first felt called to start my own fathers group I didn’t think there was much out there, but the more I look, the more I see and it encourages me.  There’s still a lot more for moms and women available, but dads are stepping up their game, getting involved and making a difference in their kids’ lives and I love it!

-Potty training…it is as bad as it sounds and we’re barely even begun.  I will for sure miss the toddler years when they’re gone, but I will not miss potty training 🙂

-One of the best things I can teach my son is how to own and fix mistakes. Saying I’m sorry and meaning it is a skill that has to be learned. We all try to avoid mistakes, but it’s another thing to recognize it, admit it, and ask forgiveness. It is really important for him to see me make mistakes, know that I’m human, and stand up and take responsibility for it. I have apologized to my son many times already and know that I will many times more.

-One of my favorite things about being a parent is seeing that little dude want to mimic me. On one hand it’s a terrifying thought because I have to watch myself all the time, but on the other hand it is really, really cool to see him grab his hat that looks just like mine, want to do things just like me and follow me wherever I go just because he wants to do what daddy does.  Just one moment like this can erase a day’s worth of tantrums

This is fatherhood…20160405_024903000_iOS