One of the unexpected “benefits” of being a parent is that you become an expert in…poop. Changing multiple diapers every day for 2-3 years will do that to you. You know all the different kinds of poop your child has, you become familiar with the term “blowout”, and you even begin to smell your little one’s poop even if it’s not actually around at the moment. I’ve become especially sensitive to the smell and even though my nose does not work near as well as my wife’s, I can often pick up this scent long before anyone else.

Why a post about poop you may ask? Well for one I just wanted to bring you all a little bit more into the fatherhood world, because poop definitely plays a big part in it. And also, because earlier this week I was surprised at how genuinely happy I was about someone pooping. My son pooped in the big potty for the first time! Those of you that are going through or have been through potty training understand how exciting this is. There was genuine excitement, some clapping and a lot of pride…all because a person in our house pooped 🙂 My wife gets all the credit as she noticed the “poop” face, got him to the bathroom and was extremely patient and encouraging with him throughout the process.

I never thought I’d be that happy about someone else’s bowel movements before, and most definitely never thought I would write about something like this, but hey…

This is fatherhood…(and it’s full of 💩)