Hi Friends!I get a lot of questions about the tools that I use to incorporate Essential Oils into our everyday lives. I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite Amazon finds below 🙂 If you haven’t grabbed your starter kit from me yet head on over here so we can journey together ❤

16 oz. Glass Spray Bottles – You will want to use these for your Thieves Household cleaner! Keep one in your kitchen and one in your bathroom and you’ve got your whole house covered.

12 Pack of 10 ml Roller Bottles – These are the BEST deal – and my favorite roller balls. You can combine any combination of oils – top with a carrier oil and then roll away!

8 Pack of 4 oz. Spray Bottles – I use these for so many different things – my face toner, my bug spray, room freshener, pillow spray, travel Thieves cleaner.  Super versatile and easy to travel with.

8 oz. Glass Pump – I use these pump bottles to make my body wash and also for my kiddo’s shampoo/body wash.

Glass Foaming Soap Container – These foaming containers are great for making a DIY hand or facial soap. You can also use them to dilute YL’s hand soap or face wash to get an even bigger bang for your buck.

Plant Therapy Fractionated Coconut Oil – This is my top pick when it comes to carrier oils – I love that it has a pump for easy application. Use in your roller bottles, make some sugar scrub or some face/hair serum.

Thayer’s Rose Petal Which Hazel – This is the main ingredient in my toner recipe, I use it for my make up removing wipes, and add a splash to every spray bottle I make to help the oils mix thoroughly- and it smells heavenly.

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap – This liquid soap makes a great base for many DIY recipes, some of my favorite ways to use this soap are as a base for foaming hand soap – add a few tablespoons soap and 20 drops of your favorite Essential Oil fill with water, shake and done! I also add Essential Oils to this soap and use it for my body wash – and adding a teaspoon to a homemade sugar scrub is amazing too. This is an all purpose soap you will want in your toxin free home. ❤

Glass Straws – If you’re planning to add some vitality oils to your drinks you’ll want to grab a pack of glass straws (you can also use stainless steel, but I prefer glass). I love these durable glass straws for my smoothies or vitality infused waters and teas.

Those are just a few of my favorites and should really help you get your oily journey started! Keep your oils everywhere – the more you see them the more you’ll use them. And the more you use them, the more you will notice their benefits. As always, keep in touch with me @VetiverDreams on Facebook and Instagram and we will journey together.