Not A Baby Anymore

(Note: I originally wrote this as one of my posts for the Early Learning Hub.  I changed and went a different direction, which you can see here, but wanted to keep this version to post on my own blog later.  I hope you enjoy!)

“I’m not a toddler I’m a baby” said my nearly two-year-old daughter not that long ago.  I often call her “baby girl” or “little one” but day by day she is continuing to grow and not look as much like the tiny little baby I could almost hold in one hand.  I recently wrote about my oldest going off to preschool for the first time…a big transition no doubt…but another big transition is seeing your youngest grow up and leave the baby phase behind.  There are a few things that I’ve really noticed as this change has taken place. Continue reading


I Got This!

This was originally posted by the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub here.

Have you looked at your little one in disbelief after they spoke and wondered “Wow! Did you just say that? How are you getting so old?!” Continue reading

My Little Rose 

My daughter and I have had a nice bond so far, but I feel our connection has deepened in the past couple weeks. I’m attributing this mostly to her waking up almost every morning at 4 or 5am lately and me taking her out to the living room to try and coax her back to sleep. Now, believe me…4 or 5am is not my preferred bonding time, but that extra one-on-one time I’m getting with her has been amazing… and so I guess I’ll catch up on sleep later (right???) Continue reading