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My latest post for the Early Learning Hub was a post that previously appeared on my blog earlier this summer.  They really liked it and so it was just posted to their website here.  Below I’ve included the post again.  I hope you enjoy! Continue reading


Funny Faces

This post was originally published by the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub here.

What do you do first when you see a young baby? Do you smile, wave and all of a sudden start talking in a much higher pitch? Do you pinch their little cheeks or ask their adult (if it’s not you) if you can hold them? Do you start making silly faces at them to see if they smile or copy you? I know with my kids, I always liked to hold them so they could see me,then I could look into their eyes and smile at them and make lots of funny faces. Continue reading

(Don’t) Play With Your Food

This post was first published by the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub here.

You know the question is coming…yet you’re hoping…hoping this time will be different. You’re hoping you can avoid the fight, hoping for a calm, peaceful meal where everyone eats everything you’ve prepared. Yet, just as you expected…the question comes: “Mom/Dad I’m full, can I get down?” You look at their plate and see what you always see…fruit and anything with sugar gone without a trace…veggies, grains and other healthy food clearly untouched. How can they be full? Continue reading

Playing to Learn

This post was originally published by the  Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub here.

Somehow September is just a few days away and for many kids school is right around the corner.  The long and warm sunny days are giving way to cool and short autumn days, and in the northwest of course, the rain will return.  When the weather starts to turn and the daylight hours dwindle it can become more difficult to encourage kids to go outside and play.  Add in school work for the older kids and many schedules getting busier in the fall and winter – it seems like the opportunities for kids to have uninterrupted play start to dry up. Continue reading

What’s In A Name?

This originally appeared on the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub Blog here.

When you were thinking of names for your child…what was important to you?  Was family and tradition the deciding factor?  Did religious meaning or historical figures have a role?  Perhaps you were thinking of close friends or just wanted your child’s name to sound unique.  Whatever their name, your child seems to take special note whenever they hear it.  Before they can even speak or recognize most words they understand their name and that when you use it your attention is directed to them. Continue reading