Celebrating Ourselves

This was originally posted by the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub here.

It seems like as one year wraps up and another begins there is a lot of time spent looking back and reflecting on the year that was. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the time we focus on the things that didn’t work out or didn’t go as we planned. Perhaps our first thoughts and memories are of the challenging things that happened or the mistakes that we made. While it’s good to reflect on our circumstances and our shortcomings to try and keep the same things from happening again, I encourage you at the end of this year to think about something else as well…to focus on the positive things that happened to you and your family…and even better…to think about the awesome things that you did to help your children. Continue reading


Enjoying the Moment

This was originally posted by the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub here.

If you’re a caregiver to a young child I’m sure you’ve heard this many, many times already: “Oh, I wish my kids were still little…make sure to cherish every moment!” Continue reading

Building Memories

This past weekend I once again discovered that special moments often just arise out of nothing without a lot of planning or foresight.  We had this great “date day” planned where my kids, my wife and my mother and father-in-love (and law) were each going to take turns going on special dates.  Unfortunately, as the morning went along we kept finding that our original plans were not going as expected and we had to keep reverting to “plan B”.  Thankfully my son took everything in stride and reacted incredibly well to each plan change we had to make. Continue reading


I’ve often heard “enjoy every moment” or “make every moment count” because before you know it they’ll be graduating or grown up and out of the house. While this seems like fairly sound advice, it fails to take into account that not all of life’s moments are enjoyable and it’s often just not physically possible to soak up every single moment. Continue reading