A New Passion

There are so many ways that I was affected and inspired by my grandpa.  One thing that I enjoy that I know is all about him is my love for products and trinkets made of wood.  My grandpa loved to work with wood, and although he was always self-deprecating and often called his work “junk”…our whole family loved his creations and we all have multiple gifts from him still decorating our shelves and homes.  From dressers and aquarium stands to pens, tops and cups of all shapes and sizes he loved to tinker and create these pieces of art from all different types of wood.  My eye is drawn to wood-crafted decorations and utensils wherever I go, especially if they remind me of pieces that I think fit my grandpa’s style. Continue reading


Building Memories

This past weekend I once again discovered that special moments often just arise out of nothing without a lot of planning or foresight.  We had this great “date day” planned where my kids, my wife and my mother and father-in-love (and law) were each going to take turns going on special dates.  Unfortunately, as the morning went along we kept finding that our original plans were not going as expected and we had to keep reverting to “plan B”.  Thankfully my son took everything in stride and reacted incredibly well to each plan change we had to make. Continue reading

Building the Brain by Building Skills 

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Recently I brought out my toolbox to work on some projects around the house. I am not what most people would consider “handy”, but I know the right way to hold a hammer and can do a few things we need around the house from time to time. Continue reading