This writing is hopefully the beginning of something…more…something bigger.  More and more I’ve been feeling like this is my purpose, this is what I am supposed to do.  There’s nothing that I’m more interested in or passionate about than fathering.  I enjoy being my son’s dad so much, and I enjoy talking with other dads about this journey just as much.

At first, I kind of thought this would be more of a side hobby, an activity I did monthly because I felt God calling me to start something at my church.  But, now I feel like it could be more.  I feel like there’s more that can be done, and more dads that can be involved.

I’ve been realizing lately that my ultimate dream is to start my own fatherhood non-profit.  An organization within my state that would be a resource for dads of all types and stages, and would connect dads with other existing resources.  It would work with local organizations and community members  to simply encourage and help dads be better dads.

My thinking is that we’d of course have a website, and that we would offer trainings and workshops.  We would hopefully be able to partner with other fatherhood organizations to help offer a couple of the resources I’ve linked below that are already doing great work.  But, the crux of the organization would be our annual fatherhood summit, complete with speakers, activities and inspiration for dads.

I know starting a non-profit is no small task, and I also know this is probably still a ways off.  But, I got further encouraged by potentially getting a new opportunity to facilitate with my local hospital, and I’m just becoming further cemented in my belief that this is my calling, this is my purpose…and I wanted to share.  I’d eagerly welcome all suggestions, ideas, and any thoughts or encouragement.  I could use as much help as I can get 🙂

This is my dream…

This is fatherhood…