Chasing Dreams

I’ve had some great wins recently…in the midst of stress, continued struggles and sickness…some really exciting and encouraging signs that my passion…my dream isn’t as far off as I once thought.

My local school district recently approached me with an exciting opportunity to help create and implement a curriculum for parents and kindergarten readiness. It’s still in the beginning phases but is very fun and exactly the type of work and process that I hope someday to do full time.

I was inspired and emboldened to actually create the template for what my dream position would look like. I recently shared that dream with people who have always supported me and who do amazing work for families and agencies in our community. While I know it is still a dream and a ways off of reality, their enthusiasm and support for this dream and offers of encouragement and ways they could help me make progress invigorated my passion and commitment to this cause I have spent so much time building.

Sometimes when you dream really big it can seem lofty and unattainable. It can seem idealistic and unrealistic. And sometimes you take a step that brings that dream closer into focus…so close that you remember the passion with which you started that dream in the first place…and you get inspired to keep taking the next step…

This is Fatherhood, LLC

This is fatherhood…

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