I could share a long article with lots of statistics and quotes and stories about this, but I feel like the lyrics from this song really paint a poignant picture of how important Dads are.  Dads…if you don’t think you matter to your kids, or think you can just easily be replaced by Mom…take these words to heart…

“Piece by piece I fell far from the tree
I would never leave her like you left me
She will never have to wonder her worth
Because unlike you I’m gonna put her first
He’ll never walk away
He’ll never break her heart
He’ll take care of things
He’ll love her
Piece by piece
He restored my faith
That a man can be kind
And a father should be great”

Kelly Clarkson – Piece by Piece

The video I’ve linked below is beautiful and always gets me choked up.  Dads…never underestimate your impact and your value to your kids.

Kelly Clarkson Performs “Piece by Piece” – AMERICAN IDOL

This is fatherhood…