This has become one of my favorite days of the year. It always used to be important…I have a great Dad, Dad-in-law and my grandpa was one of my heroes, yet since I’ve had the joy of meeting my son it has taken on an all new significance. 

I absolutely love being a dad. My son is amazing and I enjoy laughing and playing with him and watching him grow so much. I love talking to my little girl in utero, listening to her heartbeat and starting to see and feel her kicks. I also love talking about being a dad, and sharing my experience with others and hearing about their experiences. I love seeing other dads be involved with their kids and seeing the love those kids have for their fathers. I love seeing other dads take it to the next level and create resources, classes and whole organizations just for fatherhood. I love seeing dads buck societal norms and gender stereotypes and do whatever it takes to love and care for their children. I love being a dad and all things fatherhood.

So Father’s Day means a bit more to me now. It will always remind me of:

My father (thank you Dad for being an awesome example of what a father should be) 

My father-in-law (thank you for “adopting” me and showing me how to treat a boy who likes your daughter)

My grandpa (thank you for your example and for being someone I always looked up to)

But now I will also think of how blessed and lucky I am to have my son and my daughter. I will think of and thank my brother-in-law, the dads in my fathers group, and my friends and family who are fathers for sharing their experiences and for their inspiration. I will also think about fatherhood in general and the role I hope to play in advancing the conversation.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! I can’t wait to spend it with my son!

This is fatherhood…