This week I wanted to share some random thoughts that have been going through my brain about fatherhood.  These all help make up my worldview on being a Dad and so I hope you enjoy!

  1. “Dads don’t babysit…it’s called parenting” (I’ve shared this before…here)
  2. “Kids spell love: T – I – M – E!”
  3. If you don’t put in the time with your kids when they are young, you can’t expect them to want put in the time with you when they are old.
  4. If you’re a dad, the most “manly” thing you can do is show your kids how much you love and care about them. Nothing makes a dad look more like a “man” than nurturing and caring for a child.
  5. Dads (and this works for moms too!) ask yourself two questions: In one word, when you think of your father, what describes him? In 20-30 years, what word do you want your child to use when asked this same question to describe you? (An awesome exercise I learned at training for Daddy boot camp)
  6. “Dad, it’s not about you. You can’t give your kids everything they need anyway. It’s about being there, doing the best you can, loving them with all your heart, and then   surrendering their lives back to the Creator.” Jay Payleitner: 52 Things Kids Need From A Dad