Funny Talk

This was originally posted by the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub here.

I believe that seeing children smile or laugh are two of the top of the things that bring joy for most caregivers.  I know how much I adore my son’s hysterical laugh and how hilarious my daughter’s little “I want to laugh too” chuckle is.   Continue reading


New Year, New You

This was originally posted by the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub here.

It’s a New Year!  The calendar has switched over and for many people this feels like a time of change, of new opportunity and perhaps starting over.  Many resolutions are made about working out more, eating better, or changing a habit.  These resolutions are often well-intentioned and typically self-focused.  May I suggest a different type of resolution if you’re looking to make a change in the New Year?  How about a resolution that involves the special little ones in your life? Continue reading

Sunday Spotlight: Family

As this year comes to a close, I can without hesitation say that I am ready for and looking forward to a new year. During some really difficult and trying times the people below have been incredible and have inspired me to keep pushing, keep fighting and keep loving. I wish you all a happy New Year and pray that you feel love as strong and unwavering as these people give me every day. Continue reading

Second Child

I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite a while.  It’s been on my mind, but I just never quite found the inspiration or time to sit down and write it.  It has also been a very difficult time in my life internally lately.  My brain has also been in an awful place, which at some point I plan to share and hope that my story can be a comfort to others.  But for today, I really wanted to focus on this thought that has been with me for a quite a while.  I wanted to share with you my thoughts on how life has changed since the arrival of child #2. Continue reading