Life has a way of testing your breaking points

It often knows when you are least able to handle another trial

And it throws another one your way.

You discover the true meaning of stress

You find out what love really is during these times

You learn that love doesn’t always mean “like”

You learn that love doesn’t always mean agreement

Yet you discover that even so that love sticks by your side.

You realize that even when you’re angry or upset or disagree

You want that love by your side for every challenge, every trial, every hardship

Because you know that love will help give you the strength you need to fight through.

Or tell you the words you need to hear

Or be your support when you feel you have none.

You learn what love really is when your faith and strength are tested

And after a while just come to accept trials in stride

Because you know that you will make it. You know you will get through it.

And will be stronger for it.

I have someone who makes me feel this love

Someone who will support my dreams no matter what.

Someone who only gets stronger when things get tougher.

And who inspires me to keep moving onward.

I know I am quite fortunate

And I want to make sure to never take this for granted

Because the sight of this love…

The sight of my rose

Makes wading through life’s thorns…

Seem beautiful.

This is fatherhood…