Keep Fighting

I’m a people-pleaser.  I’m a peacemaker.  I like everyone I interact with to be happy and to think I’m a good person.  I don’t like to rock the boat.  I don’t like confrontation.  I don’t like to make people mad or upset.  I especially dislike disappointing people.  My greatest fears seem to be the triumvirate of hurting, disappointing or angering other people.  I second-guess myself all the time in this regard…”Did I say something wrong?  Did I look at them wrong?  Did I make the right decision?  Do they like me?” Continue reading


The Summer of Bruises and Band-Aids; Teaching our Kids Self-care

This was originally posted by the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub here.

This has been a summer made up of bruises and band-aids in our home. For  a while there it seemed like the “owies” just wouldn’t stop! We’ve lost count of the amount of cuts, scrapes and “owies” my son has had, and in the month of July we’ve had eight trips to the doctor/dentist between the four of us!  It has definitely been a painful month and one where we spent most of our “vacation” time trying to recuperate and get healthy. Thankfully there were no major “owies” and we managed to learn a few lessons along the way. Continue reading

Grieving In Front Of Your Kids

The past several years in our home have been filled with so much joy, so many blessings, and so much to be thankful for. And – they have also been years full of grief, pain, loss, and deep sadness. Many times over the past several years we have had to discuss what we should tell our kids about deaths in the family, chronic illnesses, and losses untouchable. Continue reading

More than Just the Blues

It’s taken a while for me to get to the point where I felt comfortable writing this…and really it’s because it’s taken a while for me to get to the point where I felt like I was starting to feel like myself again.  I’ve described my recent time as a “tough season” for my family and me.  This is true, and while there’s been many great things and some very special moments, there have also been some very tough moments and struggles.  This has been especially true for me personally as I feel like in some ways it has been one of the toughest struggles of my life. Continue reading

1 Year of Blogging!

Today marks one year since I started This is Fatherhood! I’m so grateful to each of you that takes the time to read this, to my wife for encouraging me and to my kids…the reason for the blog 🙂

To commemorate I thought I would share with you my top five (in my opinion) posts I’ve written in my year of blogging. Please check them out below and let me know if there’s one you thought should have made the cut.

1. Miscarriage

2. Pain

3. Paternity Leave

4. Joy

5. This is Fatherhood

Bonus (it was hard to pick just five 😊): “Boys Will Be Boys”

This is one year of blogging!

This is fatherhood…

10 Things I like/don’t like about being a Dad

This post is borrowing a format from my favorite NBA journalist Zach Lowe who is a great guy to follow and read if you like basketball. Often in his stories he includes this 10 things I like/don’t like portion which I thought I’d borrow for fatherhood. So without further ado…

1. Their smiles…there is not anything more beautiful in the world than someone you love smiling. It still gets me when my wife smiles and when my son or daughter grins my heart just melts. Nothing brightens up a rough day like a smile or laugh from your kiddo.

2. Playtime! I talked about this before, but it is so cool to be able to act like a kid again, play with awesome toys and be silly! I think adults should do this anyway but it’s more “acceptable” when you’re playing with a kid.

3. Sleep deprivation…I have never been one to go to bed early or crave a lot of sleep, but sleep and parenthood do not mix 😦 maybe when they’re teenagers I’ll feel rested again…on second thought…

4. Sleep cuddles…so awesome! First of all…they’re asleep so hurray! Second they can’t get in to trouble (hopefully) while they’re asleep so you just get to watch their precious little faces and soak up all the love and hugs and remember on hard days why they are still so wonderful.

5. The phrase “cherish every moment”. While I completely understand and to an extent agree with the sentiment, I will not be cherishing the times when my son looked straight at me and defied me by saying ‘NO’ after I asked him to do something. I will not cherish the lack of sleep and amount of worry, and I definitely won’t cherish cleaning up puke from the car seat and car. I will definitely remember them, but cherish is not the word I would use.

6. Celebrating birthdays and holidays…this has always been fun for me but now watching the excitement on their faces and seeing them achieve each new milestone is even more fun.

7. Potty training and anything related to toddlers using the potty…enough said :/

8. Candid moments like this…

And this…

And this…

9. Pain…thinking about the pain they will experience and knowing that they will one day experience firsthand how messed up the world is, and knowing that the best thing for them is for me not to interfere but to allow them to experience it.
10. The journey…I really enjoy the process. New experiences and new milestones…playing the same games over and over and reading that book the fifth time in a row…figuring out how to calm down after getting upset and forgive when mistakes are made…and reading about and talking with other dads about their experiences and learning as much as I can about how I can improve myself and make sure I’m the best dad I can be for both my kids.

This is fatherhood…