Recently I got the opportunity to check out a store that had been on my wish list to visit for quite a while. I found out about Seahorses in Portland, Oregon not long after it opened and was very excited to go and check it out given how closely its mission aligns with mine. If you haven’t heard of Seahorses it is a store built by a dad for dads as a place where fathers can find all sorts of kid and parent necessities and items to help make their parenting journey easier. The toys, accessories, clothing and diaper bags all have a “dad” look as the owner cites one of his reasons for opening the store being his search for the “perfect diaper bag”. (In case you were wondering, the name of the store comes from the fact that the male seahorse is the one who carries and gives birth to the babies!)

Thanks to a work conference in the area I was able to go in and check out the store in the early afternoon. I had barely taken a look around before the owner came up and welcomed me and asked if there was anything I was looking for. I mentioned my background and reason for coming into the store and it started a 30-minute conversation about all things fatherhood, upcoming events at the store and being “dadvocates”. I actually didn’t look around as much as I intended thanks to the great conversation I had with the owner and his associate and wanting to get back to my family after a couple of nights away. What I did see looked great, and was perfect for a dad trying to be engaged and involved with his kids and looking for apparel, toys and accessories that match his style. Their Facebook is a great follow as well as it looks like they have lots of great classes, car seat basics and more…including an event that sounds awesome: “The Dadiator Games”!

I encourage all dads in the area to go and check it out and make sure to take a moment to chat with the owner if you get the chance. I know I’m looking forward to the next time I get to stop by again!

This is fatherhood…

PS…I included pictures below of a couple of two great things I saw at the store that were recommendations from the owner for the class I facilitate “Boot Camp for New Dads”. These products are designed specifically to help dads avoid postpartum depression and encourage them to get involved with their newborn from day one.