Working Dad

So I know this guy…

He works hard at his job and enjoys his work.  He is fortunate enough to have an amazing wife and two wonderful kids.  He understands the importance of work/life balance and is lucky enough to work for an organization that does too.  He appreciates the value and importance of his work, but his true passion is being a husband and father.

He wakes up early every morning with his kids because he relishes the one-on-one time he gets with them.  He is tired exhausted often, but always does his best to make the most of each moment with this little ones.  His heart hurts when his son says “Daddy, tell me you don’t have to go to work today…”, but soars when he gets home and sees his kids’ beautiful “welcome home” smiles.  He melts at the picture texts and messages he receives while at work, but then tries not to feel glum when he’s not there to witness a “first”.

He thankfully doesn’t have to work too many late nights…but most definitely goes in for a look or kiss while his kids sleep on the nights when he does miss bedtime.  He’s taking on second, third and fourth jobs following his true passion, while keeping in mind that none of it can take away from his more important roles at home.  He wants so badly to provide everything his family needs and wants, and feels very blessed that what they want most is him.

He is a working dad…and while he is so grateful to his wife for her sacrifice and amazing stay-at-home-mom skills…he definitely wishes sometimes that he could be the one at home.  He absolutely knows the work involved in that…it is no cakewalk…no vacation.  He just knows where his heart really yearns to be.  Yet he also knows what’s best for his family is best for him.  And what’s best for his family is for him to keep working…keep grinding and give every moment left back to them.

He is a working dad…

He is a dad who happens to work…

He is foremost a dad …

(And he may or may  not be me)

This is fatherhood…

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