I’ve been collecting a few hilarious quotables from my son and thought I would share a few of them with you today. Our little man is hilarious and his funny sayings keep us laughing and provide much-needed levity during times of stress.

Grammy: “You’ve been so polite today!”

Son: “It helps to hide my rude!”

Son: “I’m feeling concerned…”

Mom: “Why?”

Son: “Because some of your hairs are getting gray.”

Mom: “I’m thinking of becoming a vegetarian.”

Son: “Oh no! You have to eat meat!”

Me: “Nothing better than throwing my kids on the bed!”

Son: “Except chocolate cake and Batman!”

Son: “I see my gills!”

Me: “You mean your ribs?”

Son talking to a package of fruit snacks: “You’re no match for my carnivore teeth!”

Son pretending to be “Spider-man” and a song comes on: “No time for rocking out…maybe for ordinary citizens that is.”

And my all time favorite…my son thought that Batman’s secret “heartdentity” was “Blue Swain!”

This is fatherhood…