I know this seems like a really difficult topic to talk about or even approach with kids so I wanted to take some time to collect and share some resources from a few of my favorite people and organizations as well as some resources that I discovered through my work. I am not at all an expert but am happy to chat with any of you who have questions about this topic or how to start this conversation with kids as we have already begun this conversation with our kids and plan to continue to have many more. Please make sure to check out these people and articles and support them and share their work!

Daddy Doin’ Work – Doyin Richards

Doyin Richards – What’s the Difference?

On the Mic w/ Ray White

A Kids Book About Racism

Baby & Blog


Haymarket Books

Mahogany Books

10 tips from Embrace Race

Medium Article from a parent’s perspective

Diverse Books List from Embrace Race

Adult books for more confidence and context

Free PDF Books

Support the Black Resilience Fund

This is fatherhood…