This Is Fatherhood

Sharing the highs and lows of parenting…one story at a time

My “Why”

This space is about being a Dad and my journey through fatherhood with my amazing wife, son and daughter. My wife and I started dating Senior Year of High School in 2004 and got married in 2008 in the middle of our city’s biggest snowstorm. Our firstborn, an amazing little boy, joined us in 2013 and my strong, beautiful daughter was born in 2016. Even though I knew I always loved being around kids, you never know what being a Dad truly means until you are one. I love being a Dad and spend as much time as I can chasing, wrestling, reading and playing with my kids.

I have also discovered that as much as I love being a Dad I love talking with other parents and caregivers, especially Dads about what it’s like to raise our kids. The highs…the lows…the frustrations and the beautiful moments. I love sharing those with other Dads and listening to them share as well. I also love giving support and encouragement to Dads who might be a bit hesitant or new to this whole fatherhood thing. I have felt a strong calling and passion from God to do this work and have enjoyed it more than anything else I’ve ever done. My goal and my journey now is to simply continue building, growing and connecting with other Dads, families and communities and serving God and my mission here on Earth through the process.

This is fatherhood…

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