I’ve previously established how much of a grown-up kid I am, and so this time I wanted to share about one of my favorite things to play with my son: legos!I definitely had legos as a kid and maybe (definitely) had some sets as an adult without kids but was only reminded of the fun of playing with them since my son has been able to play with me. Building them also seems to be a therapeutic and relaxing exercise for me as I really enjoy following the steps and finishing a new lego.

I like to describe myself as a less intense version of Will Ferrell’s character in The Lego Movie when playing with my son. For those of you that haven’t seen this movie (I highly recommend it!) this character builds his sets into a large city, uses glue to connect the pieces so they can’t be pulled apart, and generally doesn’t let his son play with the legos. While I am particular and careful about my Legos…I’m definitely not that strict and my son and I play with them together most mornings. I do ask him not to rip them apart and make sure we pick them up right away though.

While most people enjoy Legos for the ability to create and come up with all sorts of new constructions, I love following the directions and building the commercialized sets. I often tell my son that I always have to play with a Lego Batman and am a big fan of the Jurrasic Park sets. I always give Lego Batman the Christian Bale “Dark Knight voice” too in case you were wondering 😊

I do see the value in the creativity of building new things brick by brick and my son and I do have an assortment of random pieces for creative and imaginative fun as well. However, my favorite way to play is still sitting at the table with my son and role-playing the many fun situations Lego Batman can get himself into and out of (of course he always gets out of them since…you know…he’s Batman!)

Luckily for me I’ve still got many of these opportunities ahead of me given the typical recommended age range of 4-7 or 6-12 on the packaging. I can look forward to creating many new scenarios for our Lego people and drooling over newly released sets.

This is fatherhood…