Our Projects

I’ve written a couple of times about the projects we’ve been doing around the house with my new found enjoyment of working with wood, and so I thought I’d share all of our completed projects after our latest. Enjoy! Continue reading



I posted earlier this year about my new passion for wood projects and am really excited to share my latest passion project…an Avengers Lego shelf! Here it is warts, quirks and all! I know…I know…I’m a dork…but I’m happy with how it turned out 😊 Continue reading

Potato Man

“Jo jo” stories (yes, that’s “jo jo” as in the fried potato) will probably always be one of my favorite things about my son’s childhood. I’ve mentioned them a couple of times in previous blogs, but wanted to feature one example this time as this one is particularly funny and I think has now become my son’s favorite.

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