Our Projects

I’ve written a couple of times about the projects we’ve been doing around the house with my new found enjoyment of working with wood, and so I thought I’d share all of our completed projects after our latest. Enjoy!

A ‘J’ shelf for my daughter. This is definitely the most colorful project as it includes purple, pink, blue and a glitter-based paint over the blue to make it look shiny (yeah glitter 😬)

What do you do when you have more legos than space and boxes? Make themed shelves of course! I love how the Avengers shelf turned out and really like having the competing comic brands right next to each other.

This was all my wife’s idea and it turned out beautifully. Our daughter outgrew her crib and we weren’t sure what to do with it…so we turned it into an art and craft table in our living area! A piece of plywood laid down and painted with chalk paint and secured with some screws allowed us to achieve her vision.

My son’s ‘I’ shelf for LEGO currently holding Black Panther and Batman!

The birdhouse my son and I made with Papa last year. It was so awesome to see some resident chickadees choose this as their nesting site this spring!

And finally the triangle shelf my wife and made together to hold oils in the bathroom.

I love how each of our projects turned out quirks, imperfections and all and hope to have more to share with you in the future. However, we seem to be running out of wall space…does anyone have ideas for things we can make that aren’t shelves? 😊

This is fatherhood…

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