Well…because this is my blog and I have a documented passion for LEGOs I thought I would share some of my favorite LEGOs and favorite LEGO pictures…along with awesome captions of course! If you haven’t been able to tell I am just a big kid at heart and get very ridiculously excited about LEGOs and customizing some of my favorites if I feel they could use an upgrade. Please…enjoy 😊

Thor! “Strongest Avenger” aka “Point Break” aka my favorite Avenger! (Notice I used a sharpie to give Thor from Ragnarok a black eye 😊)
My version of Avengers: Endgame Captain America…only cut my fingers twice cutting the shield with an exacto knife 😂
Captain Marvel looks way better with boots and yellow blasters for her photon blasts!
This might be my favorite modified figure I’ve updated…the yellow boots Flash is the best!
LEGO doesn’t always give details to female and diverse superheroes I’ve noticed 😕so I had to modify this otherwise awesome Batwoman figure with red-stripe pants
My favorite hero of all-time…my son came up with this idea…he’s SilverBat! He even comes with a new theme song set to the tune of “Silver Bells”
Justice League!
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear…
Bat-Family! Batcave…Batmobile…Batbike and lots of Batman’s (also Robin, Bat-Girl, Batwoman, Bruce Wayne and Ace the Bathound)

This is fatherhood…