Sunday Spotlight – “Bad Dads”

My favorite fatherhood/parenting book is still Bad Dads of the Bible by Roland Warren. It was one of the first books I bought and read after my son was born. It’s the book that inspired me to start a fathers group at my church and the first book we studied in the group. Continue reading


Parenting Education – Early Learning Hub

My latest post for the Early Learning Hub was a post that previously appeared on my blog earlier this summer.  They really liked it and so it was just posted to their website here.  Below I’ve included the post again.  I hope you enjoy! Continue reading

Sunday Spotlight: Daddy Doin’ Work

For this week’s Sunday Spotlight I wanted to feature one of my favorite fatherhood figures: Doyin Richards aka “Daddy Doin’ Work”. He was one of the first guys I started following when I became a Dad and was looking for more information on how to be a good dad. Doyin is honest, funny, hard-hitting on tough topics and is clearly a phenomenal dad and advocate for dads everywhere. He’s published three books each of which I wanted to feature here in the Sunday Spotlight. Continue reading

Parenting Education

I think that when parents see the words “parenting class” or “parenting education” they think “Oh, somebody got in trouble” or “Oh great, another person trying to tell me how I should raise my kid”.  With this post, I’m hoping to dispel that notion and encourage every parent to explore the parenting education opportunities in their community.   Continue reading

READY! for Kindergarten

I had the privilege at the end of last month to facilitate a “READY! for Kindergarten” Series through my local school district.  It was my first time facilitating this curriculum after observing a couple of classes during the spring and I really enjoyed the opportunity.  “READY!” is set up to offer tools and activities to parents of preschoolers that will help them prepare their child to succeed from day one in Kindergarten.  There are programs set up for each age group leading up to Kindergarten so that parents can potentially participate in a series of classes at each age and stage of their preschooler.  I observed the 4-5 year old program and got to lead the 3-4 year old program. Continue reading

Dadly Dads Book…Available Now!

Hey everyone, I’m very excited to announce that the Dadly Dads Book in which I have a profile has been completed and is available for purchase now on Amazon! I hope you’ll check it out and once again appreciate all your support!

Dadly Dads Book

This is fatherhood…

United We Parent Tele Summit

I’m excited to announce that I will get to participate in a Tele Summit for a newly formed organization: United We Parent.  I will be one of the parent panel talking about conversations from a group of parenting experts.  If you are interested in learning more or signing up to get updates on this Tele Summit, please check out the link below.  I hope you enjoy the summit and get lots of great ideas and resources to take back to your kids and families.

I’m excited to share this opportunity with you! A unique FREE online event—5 speakers on 5 hot topics followed by Round Table Discussions with real parents. Sign up here to get access

This is fatherhood…