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I have had the great privilege of celebrating “Father’s Day Eve” with my Dad at our camp spot the last couple of years. We’ve fished, we’ve enjoyed good food and drinks and enjoyed a campfire and bonding, just the two of us. Unfortunately, our camp spot was a part of the devastating wildfires that destroyed the Santiam Canyon in Oregon last year and so we will not be able to make that trip. I’m hoping though he and I can find another time and another location to carry on our tradition in a different way!

Since I’m not able to celebrate in my usual way, I wanted to celebrate “Father’s Day Eve” this year by hosting a virtual event through This is Fatherhood that you can sign up for right here! The date is June 19th, 2021 and the time is 7:00-9:00pm. You may be asking…wait a minute…”Father’s Day Eve”…is that really a thing? Yes! In fact it’s a really big, national thing called “Fathers Eve” and a great way for Dads to connect with each other, and I’m hoping you’ll join me!

Fathers Eve was started by John Francis and it began…well actually…let me let his website explain:

John Francis is the founder of Fathers Eve. In 2012, John wanted to show off his new garage to some male friends, all who happened to be dads, so he threw a party that happened to take place the night prior to Fathers Eve. They had so much fun they did it again the next year and called it Fathers Eve. Within a few short years, it has become a meaningful “Dads Night Out” event in over many, many cities! Today, Fathers Eve is a growing celebration that provides an opportunity for dads to learn from other dads and meet new people. “The greatest part of the event is connecting guys that didn’t know each other before but left the event as friends,” said John.

Our Story, Fathers

So this year I wanted to make sure to celebrate Father’s Eve and host an event that I can share with all of you. Grab your favorite beverage, order some delivery food that only you enjoy and please join me for this event to share the joys, ups and downs of fatherhood. Fatherhood is better when we can share it with other Dads going through the same struggles and challenges that we are. So please make sure to RSVP for the event here and join some other really cool Dads for a relaxed and fun night celebrating the great things about fatherhood.

For more information check out the Fathers Eve website or reach out to me if you have any questions ( I’ll leave you with a short video and hope that I will see you there!

This is Fathers Eve…

This is fatherhood…