It’s really amazing what a two year old’s brain can come up with! Some of the games and activities we do are so silly and funny and so today I thought I’d share a few of my favorite and most memorable games that my boy and I have come up with:

-“Falling fishermen” – This first one has to be one of my favorites…it starts simple enough, with a magnetic fishing pole and magnet puzzle piece fish. However, my son decided that when we “catch” each fish it’s imperative that we then fall to the ground as well. This game even has a catchy tune to go along with it. “He’s my son the falling fisherman!”

-“Swats?” – Not sure on the name for this one, but this is one of our sillier games…he sits in a laundry basket with all of our ball pit balls around him. One by one he throws each ball out at me and I swat them all around the room while saying silly things like “PAPAYA!” or “BEANO!” while he laughs hysterically. This can also turn into him dumping the entire bucket of balls on my head or playing dodgeball.

-“Super capes” – Thanks to my awesome sister my son and I got sweet matching “capes” for Christmas. We “fly” around the house yelling “whooooooosh” and jumping on to beds and couches, and every time we land on a couch or bed he yells “I win!”

-“Lions” – We lay on the couch with “scarves” (blankets) on our heads and then I fall “asleep”. He says “Daddy, wake up…LIONS!” at which point I scream “aggghhh, what do we do?!” and he says “HIDE!” and we lay back down and do it again. Sometimes we go looking for the lions, who are often in the kitchen, and one time we even wrestled them!

-“Giant” – I stomp loudly looking for him and saying “fee fi fo fum” while he hides and then screams when I find him. Today he added the twist that he was a tiger and would roar and scare the giant and then chase me around.

-“Build Towers” – This one is fairly normal as we simply take our Duplo type or wooden blocks and make big towers, walls or “caterpillars” with them. Of course his favorite part is knocking everything down after (or before) the construction is finished.

-“Gasketball and other ball games” – His version of hoops involves mostly trying to steal the ball from each other and then throwing it all over and chasing it. Sometimes he’ll shoot or dunk, but mostly as a last resort. For baseball he likes to grab his glove and pitch to me while I use a small plastic “ninja turtles” bowling pin as a bat.  Every hit is a home run and then we both run the bases together.

As you can see life is never dull and mostly very fun and funny with a toddler.  What games do you and your little ones play?  Let me know in the comments 🙂

This is fatherhood…