I’m really excited to give this space over tonight to my amazing wife who had a great idea and wrote a really wonderful post about being two.  Without further ado…this is fatherhood…Mom’s version this time 🙂

When our son was about to turn two I wasn’t scared of the “terrible” phase he was about to enter. I was so excited to see how he would grow, and to experience what joy he would bring to our lives as he transitioned from baby to toddler. When thinking of a theme for his second birthday party, the saying that continually came into my mind was – “Terrifically Two”. I wanted to empower my son; to breathe hope and excitement into a season that I knew would be tough in many ways – and wonderful in so many others. He is now more than halfway through his second year and here are some reasons why I still believe that two is terrific.11952899_948525266118_518143472386017864_o

Emotions – It is no surprise that toddlers are full of overwhelming emotions, which can run the gamut from pure joy to absolute anger in approximately .125 seconds. The level of emotion that a toddler expresses can be so overwhelming; whether it be a two hour temper tantrum because they can’t dump an entire thing of bubble solution on the carpet (true story) – or the pure elation they feel when Daddy gets home for work (also a true story, every day). It can be easy to get lost in the tantrums and tears and feel like two really is terrible. But wait – there’s more! The tantrums, those rainstorms, they make room for the rainbows. Two year olds are amazing in that one minute they can be driving you absolutely crazy and you can’t wait until “quiet time” so that you can breathe and not be touched or yelled at – for at least a few seconds. Then, you take them out of their car seat, (possibly after a particularly rough morning of said yelling and tantrum-ing) and they grab your face and look you straight in the eyes and say “I’m so glad to have you, uggamuggga” and give you a great big Eskimo kiss. And just like that, your heart melts – this two year old is so terrific. I can handle a million for tantrums, for just one more memory like this.

Comedy – You guys, seriously, two year olds are funny. They love to laugh and make you laugh, even when you don’t want to. Our son is particularly funny and specifically tries to get you to laugh at any opportunity he gets. He will entertain a friend by making funny faces, substitute words like “asparagus” for “amazing” because he knows it gets a great laugh from mom and dad, and literally run into walls because he thinks it is hilarious.  In the midst of all the craziness of life, you can surely count on a two year old to make you laugh.

The Sweetness – Nothing melts your heart like the sweetness and pure love of a two year old. Our son is so compassionate and empathetic that it honestly stuns us. His understanding for what goes on around him, and for what others are feeling is astounding. Many times over the past few months I have been sick, all day every day – the joysIMG_0479 of pregnancy – during those days when I have felt like I just won’t make it, without fail my son does something so sweet that my heart literally melts. The sweetness, that kid just rubs my legs, or my face, and tells me “It’s OK mommy, you’ll be OK”. Seriously. The sweetness.


What’s Coming – One thing I particularly love about this “Terrifically Two” phase is getting to see glimpses of the man that my son will become. I get to look into his precious eyes and savor his every feature, knowing that one day it will all change. One day he will leave me and make a life of his own. I get to watch him imitate his dad and dream of what a great husband and father he will be one day. I get to teach him how to love – and hope and pray he will love me forever as I will him. I get to pray for the strength to make it through each day doing the best I can for my terrific two year old. Oh and the prayers for what is coming; I look forward to that with great anticipation, fear, and hope. Two is terrific, two is tough, and two is taking the next steps towards my baby becoming the man he was created to be.


This is motherhood…

Mom’s Corner