The Storm

Some days the storm within subsides…

Some days it rages and disrupts all focus…

Except on the storm itself.

The storm can be hard to describe, hard to justify, hard to relate to.

Sometimes it feels like the storm never stops. It’s relentless, unforgiving…punishing.

It is also not real, and often ridiculous.

On most days there’s still a calm on the outside, even if the storm rages inside…

Doubt is a big part of the storm, as is a lack of self-love and grace. The storm is often much harsher than it needs to be.

But then there are moments…

Moments of grace, of enduring patience, of unconditional love…moments of radiant beauty.

These moments overwhelm the storm and are a reminder of the beauty of the clouds parting and the sun shining.

These moments are always because of those who are closest, who know about the storm yet stand in it anyway to provide shelter and understanding.

So while the storm may never completely go away…

The calm after will always outweigh it…

and shine through it…

This is fatherhood…

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