I just shook my head…I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…and on a “parenthood” site no less.  All stay-at-home parents have a great burden to carry.  Many people don’t understand the amount of energy, patience and resolve it takes to take care of kids every second of every day.  I believe parents who stay at home are some of the hardest workers out there (and no I’m not just saying that because my beautiful wife and editor stays at home with our kids).  So when I saw the above picture in reference to stay-at-home dads I was just plain disappointed. There is still a large segment of society who don’t believe dads should stay home with the kids.  They see these men as lazy…as mooches, as taking the easy way out. This could not be further from the truth.

I’d like to salute you…stay-at-home dad because I know that you are an amazing parent who has sacrificed to be home with your kids.  I know that you struggle finding play groups or social interactions for your kids.  I know that you face judgmental looks, ignorant comments and kid-induced mental breakdowns multiple times per day.  I just want you to know that I think you are awesome…I admire the work that you do and I know that your kids are so lucky to have a committed dad like you.  I also know I’m a bit jealous of your position…not because I think it’s easy…but because I love my kids and would consider it an honor to stay home and be their primary caregiver if that’s what was best for my family.

So I know that if you, stay-at-home dad, were to see something like the picture above…you may get mad, you may get frustrated…or just plain annoyed…but I know your focus would instantly turn back to taking care of your kids…because that’s just the kind of dad you are.

This is fatherhood…