This is just a post about some of the things I love about my kids 😊

I love both their smiles, especially when I first see them after coming home from work.

I love my son’s laugh when he thinks something is hilarious or he’s being tickled, I can’t help but smile when I hear it.

I love my daughter’s little chuckle when she tries to join in the laughter or hears someone else laughing. It’s such a hilarious little giggle that she clearly does just to try to enjoy what everyone else is.

I love both of their eyes…they both have beautiful eyes that can melt you if you look too long.

I love my daughter’s adventurous spirit…it is most definitely going to keep us on our toes, but she is going to be a strong, amazing woman!

I love my son’s caring nature. He is very emotionally in tune with other people and empathizes very well.

I love how my daughter half waddle/half runs everywhere now. Once she started walking there was no stopping her!

I love how my son likes to dress and look like me and how he has taken on each of the sports teams I root for as his own.

I love the sweet cuddles and hugs my kids give each other often. They are starting to learn they have different opinions more and more so these moments of sweetness are very precious.

I love the way they both say and have said “dada” and how they are excited to see me, sad to see me leave, and desire to spend time with me.

I love my kids and I can’t wait to see what I discover I love about them next.

This is fatherhood…