I have spent a decent amount of time thinking and dreaming about the possibility of working from home.  I think quite a few of us have!  The idea of setting your own schedule and earning a living to support a family while not having to get out of your pajamas most days sound pretty amazing to me.  Of course it isn’t easy to make happen and does require plenty of actual “work” as well, but I do think it is possible and in this age of technology seems to be getting more and more possible.  It has definitely become a dream of mine as I have continued to write and blog and as I’ve established my LLC and outside of work passion as a parent educator: This is Fatherhood LLC.

So when I came across an email in my inbox and took a look at the post that was included I became more intrigued.  Is this really more possible than I think?  Full disclosure…I didn’t respond to the first email he sent.  I’ve gotten a decent amount of emails at this point asking me to be involved in different things or promote different articles through my blog and network and have mostly decided to pass.  I do hope to one day make my blogging, writing and parent education my full-time career,  but I mostly just enjoy sharing posts and blogs when I genuinely feel I have something to share and don’t want to share things just for some money or recognition.

But, something about this one stuck with me.  I enjoyed the article as it gave me hope about working from home in the future, and it opened my eyes to the many different possibilities that are out there.  I received a second email from Ben Taylor, saw his picture with his cute kids, saw that he wasn’t offering extravagant promises or huge compensation, and decided to connect.  Again…full disclosure…I’m not receiving any financial compensation for this post.  This is simply two dads who happen to be bloggers offering to help each other out and share ideas with our networks.  But, I hope that you check out his post and his website, and like me, get inspired to maybe dream a little bigger.  Dream about that fancy corner office in your own house…hearing your children play in the living room nearby…sipping a cup of coffee (or in my case hot chocolate…coffee is gross!)…and enjoying the beauty of working from home.

This is fatherhood…