In our house we celebrate Valentine’s Day a little differently. My wife and I do try to find some time to do a dinner just for two, or some type of date together, but usually not on Valentine’s Day to avoid the crowds. Since we’ve had kids though, we have also made it more of a family affair and just another way for us to show and tell each other that we love each other. For my valentines this year I wanted to write what I love most about them and how I can love them better.

My Wife

I love how my wife loves. She has a servant’s heart and seeks to love each person she cares about in the way that they feel and want to be loved. She always listens to understand what people are going through and cares deeply about their emotional and spiritual needs. She is always putting other’s needs ahead of her own. I can love her better by affirming her and giving her the time and space she needs to recharge.

My Son

I love how my son treats his friends and family with kindness and greets all of his friends going to and coming from school. I love his creative spirit and how curious he is. I love his determination and how he doesn’t give up when faced with a challenge. I love how passionate and focused he is when he discovers a new interest and I love his hysterical giggle. I can love him better by showing him more patience, continuing to take an interest in his passions and praising him more often.

My Daughter

I love how naturally empathetic my daughter is and how she always reaches out to care for someone who is sad or in pain. I love how she follows me whenever I’m home and always wants to be around me. I love her laugh and her smile and how she can melt me with a look. I love her strength and her toughness and that she knows how to stand up for herself. I can love her better by continuing to encourage and empower her to use her voice and by ensuring that she always feels safe and heard.

This is fatherhood…