We were trying to think of a new wood project that we could make and my son came up with an excellent idea…a box made of wood, shaped like a book to hold all of the books that he has created himself! We called it his Author Box and it also gave me my first chance to use my new toy…my rotary tool with the engraving bit! It was really fun to make his idea come to life and to trouble shoot problems as they came up. I hope you enjoy the video and pictures as much as we did making it!

Engraving bit on the rotary tool is super awesome! I really enjoyed engraving this thing!
Hinges were one of the tougher parts to install and one of the reasons this project has my usual “quirks” and imperfections. But, it opens just like a book!
Another difficult part was figuring out how to keep the book closed and the contents inside from falling out. I wasn’t sure it would work, but I used wood glue to attach a sew-able button to the book and my wife sewed the other part of the button to a leather strap so that we can open and close the box easily.
Sits a little crooked but the finished product is opens, closes, stands on a shelf and holds all of his creations nicely!

This is fatherhood…