Ok, if you’ve followed me for a while you know that I’m a very blessed dude. I have an amazing family, a wife who unconditionally loves and supports me, and two awesome children. I also get the privilege of working at an organization that helps support children’s literacy and gives free books to kids!

Given that it is my job to often read and review children’s books…you know…for the children…I have come across some wonderful stories and books that I then just have to buy for my kids. The next one on that list is Bandito the Puppito Dreams of a Home – Bandito el Perrito Sueña Con un Hogar by Natalie Pate. I have had the great privilege to work with Natalie for the last few years as she is a volunteer reader for our organization and has even emceed our big fundraising event! She is an excellent Education Reporter for our local newspaper and has been a great advocate for our organization. She also happens to know a thing or two about children’s books and is a wonderful reader that the kids she reads with can’t wait to see when they show up for our program.

Bandito the Puppito is her first book and is based on her own personal adoption story of her dog Bandit. It is beautifully written with rhyming text and fun illustrations. Any child that loves dogs will adore this book and any child who doesn’t love dogs will probably ask you for a dog after reading it. The book is heartwarming and fun with an extremely positive message.

In addition to all of this Bandito the Puppito is a bilingual English/Spanish book that is professionally interpreted by Renee M. Jaime. And to top it all off Natalie is donating 100% of the profits of this book to Born Again Pitbull Rescue to support their continued efforts in rescuing and finding forever homes for pit bull type dogs. She also did not ask me to write this post…I just believe very strongly in her mission and her work and really love the book and offered to write a review to share with all of you.

I hope you’ll take the time to visit the website linked again by clicking on the image below and purchase this excellent book. I’m quite sure your children will enjoy it and that it will be the first of many in your personal library from new author Natalie Pate 🙂

This is fatherhood…