By: Isaac and Joya

November 4th, 2020

We started out at home, we drove to Lincoln City – a deer ran right in front of our car and crossed the road! We saw horses. When we got to the beach it was almost nighttime. We played, then we had Mootreatza (our family’s way of celebrating Halloween: movie, candy treat, pizza!). We watched a movie, we ate treats, we also had pizza. Then, it was nighttime, it was time for bed. Joya got a new blankie and an air mattress.

The next morning, we went down to the beach to play Pokemon Go with Daddy. Daddy caught two Sythers. Isaac caught one Syther – its CP was 32 or 35. Joya caught a Seedot. Isaac caught a Duskal after Daddy caught a Kingler and then we went back to our hotel to have apple cider.

Then we went back down to the beach a couple of hours later and saw lots of Jellyfish. They were Moon Jellies and they didn’t have tentacles – it was crazy! And then, we played run away from the waves, Isaac was wearing boots Joya had bare feet. We had lot of fun that day!

That night we had a fire on the beach! Joya cuddled with dad and Isaac built a trench. We also rolled down sandy dunes and watched the sunset.

The next day, we flew kites and played Bakugan. For lunch we had Kylos – Isaac had two chunks of fish and Joya had one, it was delicious and yummy! For dessert we had pie!

The next morning it was time to leave. Isaac got a Lego Zubat and Joya got a Lilipup. We played Zubat and Lilipup – Zubat can hang upside down like a real bat. Lilipup found some corn to eat. Zubat found some stalagmites, they were so pretty. Zubat kept them in a special drawer but when it was time to leave they broke! Then we left.

We drove home and when we got home we had to unpack. We enjoyed our trip!

The End