Rainy Day Play

This was originally posted by the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub here.

We definitely enjoyed the run of great weather we had to start the month of May around here…did you?  We played outside in our backyard, went to the park multiple times, went to our local children’s museum and had an awesome experience watching the swallows zoom up, over and around the pedestrian bridge nearby as well.  We also had a fun backyard barbecue with our Grandma Great on Mother’s Day where we learned how far each of us could kick my daughter’s new purple ball! In our house, when the weather gets nice we try to spend a lot more time outside enjoying it. Continue reading



I posted earlier this year about my new passion for wood projects and am really excited to share my latest passion project…an Avengers Lego shelf! Here it is warts, quirks and all! I know…I know…I’m a dork…but I’m happy with how it turned out 😊 Continue reading

Sibling Love

Is there anything more sweet and heartwarming than a child choosing to show how much they love and care about someone? Isn’t it even more beautiful when the person their showing love to is their sibling? One of the things I enjoy most about my kids is how much they love each other and the compassion they show for one another. Continue reading


My love of all things Lego has been documented once or twice…but lately I’ve discovered something I enjoy even more: the creativity and imagination they can unlock in my son. My son is like me in many ways, but a major difference I have noticed is his ability to think outside the box. Continue reading

Potato Man

“Jo jo” stories (yes, that’s “jo jo” as in the fried potato) will probably always be one of my favorite things about my son’s childhood. I’ve mentioned them a couple of times in previous blogs, but wanted to feature one example this time as this one is particularly funny and I think has now become my son’s favorite.

Continue reading


This post originally was published by the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub here.

Peek-a-boo seems to be a game that nearly all young children love to play.  I’m not sure if it’s the anticipation of when they will see you again or the actual reappearance you make that they enjoy most, but whatever it is, peek-a-boo is often a favorite game of little ones.   Continue reading