“It was you…that showed me who I am and taught me how to stand for what I know is real…”

So I was listening to the new Smoke and Mirrors Volume 1 EP by 12 Stones and thinking…’Holy cow! I’ve been listening to these guys for a long time!’ And I have! These guys have been my favorite band since I was a young impressionable teenager trying to discover himself. Ever since I first heard their debut album and first few songs my Sophomore/Junior of High School back in 2003-2004 I knew that I really liked these guys and their music, and then when I got to go see them perform at See Spot Rock in Portland…I was hooked!

Crushing guitars…awesome lyrics…real emotion and feelings throughout their songs…I still have honestly yet to find a song of theirs I don’t like. In fact, as I was thinking about writing this blog and sharing my top 5 favorites…I couldn’t do it! There was too many I liked!!!

These guys started as a Christian Rock Band in the early 2000’s and have continued putting out great stuff ever since. They run the gamut from “get-hyped” pre-game music like “Adrenaline” or “Enemy” to amazingly sincere and powerful ballads like “World So Cold” and “Lie to Me” and a mixture of both with “Broken”. They have incredible guitar solos, terrific bass and drums, and a really powerful lead singer.

Check out their website here and their Facebook page here if you’re interested. I am receiving no compensation whatsoever to write this…I just love these guys and their music and want to share their amazingness with you all. I’ll close this with one of my all-time favorites of theirs that should hopefully get you in the mood for a little head-banging…rock on!

This is fatherhood…