This was originally posted by the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub here.

In honor of Mother’s Day this space this month is dedicated to all Moms. It’s for the Moms who carry us around for nine months feeling every kick and wiggle, feeling the pain of their body changing and accommodating the little one inside of them. This space is dedicated to Moms who can’t sleep because of their growing belly and the worries and concerns they have to try and make everything as perfect for their little one as possible.

It’s dedicated to the Moms who experience the pain and fear of childbirth…who wonder if they can really do this…if they’re really ready for this. It’s for the Moms whose little ones didn’t make it to full term…who carried their little one with such hope and joy only to instead feel profound devastation. It is also for the Moms who have step or grand or adoptive in front of their Mom title, and for those who are caregivers even though they may not have been a part of the birth.

This is for the Moms who held their newborn tight and instantly fell in love, and promised their little one the world in the moment. It’s for the Moms who struggled with breastfeeding trying to will their bodies and their little ones to mesh and work together. This is for the Moms who figured things out on the fly…learning the meaning of each cry and what their little one needed…and it’s also for the Moms who just wanted to pull their hair out because they couldn’t figure that out.

This is for the Moms who struggled and persevered through “baby blues” or postpartum depression, and for the Moms who got up time and time again at 3 am forsaking their own sleep. This is for the Moms who sacrificed careers and education and plans and dreams for their children…and wouldn’t have it any other way! This is also for the Moms who went back to work (or never stopped working) and faced the struggle of their two worlds pulling at them from both sides. This is for all the Moms who ever faced a judgmental glare or snide comment…secretly wondering if they were doing it all wrong.

This space is for Moms who give extra cuddles and sleep next to their kids when they need, even if all they want is a moment to themselves or to not be touched. This space is for Moms who watch their children leave and go far away to chase their dreams and who yearn to be able to give their “little” one a hug every second. This is for Moms who attend every game and every event because they want to make sure their kids know they will always be their biggest fan.

This space is for Moms…everywhere…doing the best they can and showing up over and over again for their children. We love you and we appreciate you. Happy Mother’s Day!

This is fatherhood…