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If you’re like many other parents right now, you’re trying to come up with ways to keep your kids healthy and happy during the pandemic and beyond. In some cases, that means keeping them indoors for the most part, which can easily lead to cabin fever. Fortunately, however, there are many fun activities for kids to enjoy when they have to stay inside their homes!

Entertaining Activities

Let’s start with the fun stuff:

  • While screen time should be handled with care, several streaming services offer plenty of great family-friendly TV shows and movies to enjoy.
  • Also, there are many board games (e.g., Bears in Pairs, Candyland, Outfoxed, etc.) on the market that are both fun and engaging for children.
  • Also, you could always set up an indoor camp night for your kids.
  • And to add a little adventure, consider arranging an indoor scavenger hunt.

Exercise Activities

Physical activity is paramount to a child’s development, so check out these ideas for kid-friendly at-home exercises.

  • Throwing a dance party in your home is one of the most fun ways to break a sweat.
  • If your child has a Nintendo Wii, consider investing in a couple of fitness games.
  • As long as you have a little space in the living room, there are tons of yoga poses that can benefit your child’s physical, mental, and emotional health.
  • And while you’re at it, check online resources like YouTube to find free workout videos for the whole family.
  • Nothing can supplement your child’s fitness like a healthy diet; teaching them how to meal prep can provide them with a valuable lesson in nutrition.
  • If you’re exercising along with your children, invest in some comfortable fitness wear like sneakers, stretchable leggings, and a T-shirt.

Learning Activities

Finally, be sure to include some activities that will help your child on their learning journey:

  • Apple oxidation, magic milk, and gravity-defying magnets are a few of many science experiments that can easily be done at home.
  • There are plenty of at-home activities that can help your child sharpen their math skills.
  • Creating a book challenge is a great way to get your child to read while at home.

So, you’re keeping your kids indoors, and you need solutions as to how you can keep them healthy and happy. Try out some (or all) of the activities listed here, and see if they don’t prove to provide a good amount of entertainment, exercise, and education. And of course, be sure to keep researching for other ideas; there are plenty more where these came from!