Sunday Spotlight: LEGO

My love of LEGOs has been chronicled before, but today I thought I’d highlight a particular group of sets that are great for fostering a LEGO lover at a young age. Continue reading


Sunday Spotlight – “Bad Dads”

My favorite fatherhood/parenting book is still Bad Dads of the Bible by Roland Warren. It was one of the first books I bought and read after my son was born. It’s the book that inspired me to start a fathers group at my church and the first book we studied in the group. Continue reading

Sunday Spotlight: Date Night!

Life is chaotic – time is short – money a myth. The balancing act of supporting all the important relationships in your life is tricky. As a mom I know I have to focus my time and energy on supporting positive relationships with my children, to foster their friendships with their peers, foster their family relations, and take time to be intentional with them. By the time I put my kids to bed at the end of the night – I am worn out. Continue reading

Restaurant Survival Kit

Taking your kids out to a restaurant can seem like a daunting task – there are so many unknowns and unreliable timelines that at times it can truly feel impossible. When we go out to eat with our kiddos we want to be able to enjoy our time together, enjoy our food, and pay our check before anyone has a meltdown. Continue reading