My love of LEGOs has been chronicled before, but today I thought I’d highlight a particular group of sets that are great for fostering a LEGO lover at a young age. One of the great things about LEGOs is the creativity and use of imagination they inspire. You can build a whole range of different things from various random pieces or combine different sets that normally don’t go together to make even cooler creations. You can also just enjoy the process of pulling out pieces, following “blueprints” and creating a model brick by brick. For young kids, gaining the dexterity to put some of the smaller pieces together can be a challenge. To help with this LEGO came out with a line called Juniors. The Juniors sets include fewer, bigger pieces that help little hands and beginning builders gain confidence in their building skills.

The simpler directions are also set up for young kids to be able to easily follow along and see what the next step is. What’s great is that this line also includes some of the most popular brands like DC and Marvel Comics and Ninjago. If you are a parent who grew up with LEGOs and can’t wait to pass on that love to your little ones, I highly recommend the Juniors sets as a great starting point, and since they’re all still genuine LEGO pieces, they too can become part of that giant box of assorted pieces that your child goes back to when they’re older and trying to create their own masterpiece.

Below are my two favorite LEGO Juniors sets that get a lot of play time at our house.

Lego Junior Spider-Man Hideout – this sweet Spider-Man cave comes with a helicopter and a slide for quickly getting out of the cave to attack villains!

Lego Juniors Batman & Superman Vs. Les Luthor – this Batcave set includes a mini-Batmobile, Lex Luthor and a friendly Superman…no Justice League rivalry here!

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