Sunday Spotlight: Slowing Down For the Holidays

December can often feel like a time of chaos and pressure, there are so many things to be done, bought, and made that it can be easy to feel overwhelmed even with the beautiful things. While all the celebrations that December holds are wonderful, fun, and meaningful – there is just no way to do it all. I want to give you the grace today to know that you – fellow parent – you do not have to do it all. Continue reading


Sunday Spotlight: Daddy Doin’ Work

For this week’s Sunday Spotlight I wanted to feature one of my favorite fatherhood figures: Doyin Richards aka “Daddy Doin’ Work”. He was one of the first guys I started following when I became a Dad and was looking for more information on how to be a good dad. Doyin is honest, funny, hard-hitting on tough topics and is clearly a phenomenal dad and advocate for dads everywhere. He’s published three books each of which I wanted to feature here in the Sunday Spotlight. Continue reading

Sunday Spotlight: Date Night!

Life is chaotic – time is short – money a myth. The balancing act of supporting all the important relationships in your life is tricky. As a mom I know I have to focus my time and energy on supporting positive relationships with my children, to foster their friendships with their peers, foster their family relations, and take time to be intentional with them. By the time I put my kids to bed at the end of the night – I am worn out. Continue reading