It can be difficult to remember in the winter with the rain and snow and ice, but going outside and playing can really turn around a kid’s grumpy or whiny attitude. We’ve never had a problem convincing our son to play outside as he’s always really loved it. But it has been harder for me to find the motivation since I leave when the sun has not long been up most days and get home after it has set. We have lots of great toys inside and heat and sometimes you just feel tired after a day of work.

However, today I got another reminder of how fun it is when I just get him outside. My boy was starting to get restless and touching on some parental nerves. I wasn’t super thrilled about the idea at first (this time just laziness) but knew it would be good to get out and also give mom a break from the whining 😊 

It was definitely a bit chilly, but sunny and beautiful. His attitude instantly changed and we had lots of genuine laughs and even a new experiment as he swung on a big kid swing for the first time. It was great for him and really good for me to have a moment to connect with him like that. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story 😊

This is fatherhood…

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